Styling Hair Brush

$10.96 $23.48

Get big, voluminous and healthy hair without breaking the bank… or your hair.

You can do this at home and save yourself lots of money from avoiding trips to expensive professional salons.

This 360-degree brush has a spherical design that prevents hair from being snagged as it is being tangled.

Every one of those strands are valuable. Keep them on your head and off your brush.

The design also makes it ideal to style curls and to give great scalp massages to eliminate dandruff.

Easy for drying and detangling short to long hair. Available in pink and black. Heat resistant.


  • 360-degree spherical design to prevent hair being tangled.
  • Unique comb design can also be used to make different styling curls.
  • Easy to drying short to medium length hair.
  • Make scalp massages to eliminate dandruff.
  • Easy and gentle way to detangle your hair.
  • Perfect for girls with long fragile hair as well as pets.

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