Milk Carton Refill Bottle

$14.96 $39.78

Replace Your One Use Water Bottles with This Cute Carton Bottle

This new refill bottle is soo cute! Its 16.9 FL OZ (Like your average water bottle). It's the exact same size as your average bottle you'd get from the store but it's much better since it comes without the guilt.



It is made from a thick acrylic plastic & it has a screw top. The compact size allows the bottle to fit easily into a bag or purse and can even be brought on airplanes!

Take advantage of our Limited Quality! We restock on a Biweekly Basis.



Aren’t Plastic bottles Hurting the Environment? What makes this different?

Our Products are meant to reduce the amount of one use plastic that ends up in landfills.

We do that effectively by offering an alternative lifestyle of reusable drinks!

We see it as a very fun way to change the way we consume plastics in our daily lives!

How Big is the Water Bottle ?

This water bottle is 8 inches long and can hold 500ml / 16.9 fl oz the same size as your average water bottle

Our aim is to help replace one use bottles and this product does that so well!

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