Easy Eyebrow Shaping Template

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Get your perfect eyebrow shape with every make-up application with this easy to use eyebrow shaping template.

Just hold it across your face and apply your favorite eyebrow pencil to fill in. This eyebrow shaping stencil takes the guesswork out of shaping and conforming your eyebrows to suit your look.

Perfect addition to any makeup collection or facial care routine. Shaves off several minutes off your make-up application process as it allows you to give your eyebrows the same shape at the same time.

This durable product will last you for years to ensure that you look great for just as long.


  • Easy drawing

A very quick and easy way to shape your eyebrows instead of spending much time trying to get both eyebrows the same shape

  • Easy plucking

Also a great way to define eyebrows when plucking, apply a little more powder than usual to darken the eyebrow and pluck the stray hairs outside the shape

  • Easy cleaning

Reusable, simply wipe with a damp cloth after each use
Works with a pencil, powder and cream products, or tweezers

Direction for use:

    Position the stencil over the brow and using a brow powder with a brush, lightly fill in the stencil by using up and away strokes then turn over the stencil, line it up and repeat on the other eyebrow.


    Size: 12.5 x 6 cm

    Color: Random 

    Package Included:

    1 x Easy Eyebrow Shaping Stencil

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