Natural Ear Wax Candle

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Usage Of Ear Candles: 

  • Lie on your side, light aromatherapy ear candles with a lighter, put them vertically into your ear after burning, and fix one hand (with the help of others).
  • When the aromatherapy ear candle reaches one centimeter on the halo line, it can be removed and put into a water cup to extinguish.
  • Then clean the ears with a wet cotton stick and continue on the other side. Operate as above.

Use cycle of aromatherapy ear candles:
 1-2 pairs of ear candles are recommended at a time. Basic maintenance can be 7 days / time; tinnitus or ear symptoms, 7 days / 2 times.

Not suitable for people:
people with eardrum perforation, pregnant women, menstruation, ear purulence.


Package Included :

10X Ear Wax Candle

Hi friend!
We use a bubble bag to protect it. We will try to pack them well to avoid damage to long-distance transportation.If your ear candle is still seriously damaged and cannot be used normally, please contact us instead of leaving a negative feedback directly, we are willing to compensate you. Thanks for understanding!


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